Sunday, December 22, 2013

Being True To Your Faith

As a believer,  I am no longer my own my  mind my body and soul belongs to God. Christ Paid for me with His blood when he died on the cross. Therefor I can not do as I would like to do. I am control by the Holy Spirit,  not I alone  but this is for all believers the Bible said 1Cor 5: 19 What ? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is In you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own ?

It is so heard for me to believe in these days and time with all of the knowledge that is available to us in the Word of God that there are so many miss interpretation of his word. Study to show your self approve a Workman  need not to be a shame rightly dividing the word of truth.1 Timothy 2: 15

Through The Bible

This time of year there are so many christian or should I say so call christian that are doing the same things as The world. Listen people any thing that the world love to do as a believer why are you doing it ? the world does not love God therefor they are not following God. Know your bible and applied  it to your life salvation is a way of life you are a new creation in Christ when you became a believer old things are pass away.all things became new. 2 Corinthians 5: 17 Therefor if any man ( person ) be in Christ, he  (they) are a new Creature old things are passed away,behold all things are become new.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Living The Life Of A Believer

This is my life before and  after I became a believer.
At 16 years I gave my life to the Lord I would go church some time 4-5 nights  week plus on Sundays.
I grew up in a christian home With my grand mother and father. As a child in the Bahamas  this was with out Saying Sunday morning  is Sunday school. I am so thankful for that  because through going to Sunday School  I know the books of the bible by heart. I can repeat some of the Psalms  Quote bible scriptures From memory.To day I don't think much of This is being practice I have notice that many adults have trouble Finding the scripture there are people in the pulpit I have notice having trouble finding the scripture there are So many who do not know how many books there is in the bible. These truth should be tough  to our Children at a young age bring up a child in the way that when he is grown he will not depart this is the word Of God.

After becoming an adult I got married then things begin to change my husband who said he to was save he Became abusive and would drink his liquor this went on until I had enough, and got my divorce. 
By this time I was not to much into the church any more. This went on for years  there was time I would go to a night club and have no enjoyment I tried to  drink but I could not enjoy it  same with smoking there was no pleasure in them. I would go to church every now and then, but not truly committed to the Lord. I was an Average bowler I have gone to difference states every year we would go to city, state, and national tournament  also a member of the 600 club I used to bowl  5-6 times a week in different legs. One Friday Night on my way home from bowling I had a stick shift car I was on 95 going south @ 65mp there was a car that I was behind suddenly change lane by this time I am on top of this car with no place to go but  left.

Just think about driving on an express way in the lane next to the last lane on your left which is call the speed Lane.I did not have time to look in the fast lane I just switch over Thank God I am here to write about it. I Also had my son in the car with me and he was wearing no seat belt. On the following week same time going Home from bowling.on 95 speeding  I came over a little rising in the road and there this car slowed down Trying to make the exit Thank God I knew how to brake down fast and again I escape. God has speared My Son and me one more time. There is a saying 3 strike and you are out ! I know that there was a calling On my life I just believe that the Lord was trying to get my attention and if I did not take heed that the third Time will be my final. Not long after that I gave my life to the Lord Christ Jesus.

My mom was a christian all of my life my daughter also Now we all was on the same page serving the Lord.
I promised  the Lord that I will serve him  with all of my heart I asked him to lead me in the way that he will Have me to go  and to takeaway from me the things that is not of him.I can tell you to day that God has Answered my prayer I did not ask for richer I want more of Christ Jesus. Before I was young nice looking Dresses well Died my hair brown wear my short skirt and make up false nails even a gold nail. To day I have No desire for the world I don't miss the life I left behind I am a  much better person to day than I was 18 yrs Ago I have grown  so much in the lord Every thing the bible has said about your change  of life you are no Longer your own your body belongs to God  you have been bought with a price.
 As  2 Corinthians 5: 17---

Also 1 Corinthians 6:15----I was still dying my hair one evening I came home with the die to color and as I Step in to my room  and saw my reflection in the mirror It pop in my heart don't do it I stop and said to My  Self don't do what then I saw the bottle of die in my hand then I realized that I am not to die my hair so until Now I have not died my hair.In the days I used to sell costume jewelry  I did not give up jewelry at this time one day as I was putting my earring in my ear it hurt like crazy from that day to now I have not worn an earring. Every thing about me has change It did not come right a way it took a long while, but I stayed true to the Lord.